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From Ice to Independence

In the suburbs of Garoua, North Cameroon, CamToMe Onlus is working with the help of local staff to give women an economically independent future and dignity to those suffering from social exclusion. The story of Supporté is one of the photo documentaries I made for CamToMe. He is a socially marginalised, epileptic boy with no family, trained to make ice. The same ice is helping a group of poor women to work in the market and sustain their families.  

View on a computer to best appreciate the story.

Supporté, 20, has epilepsy but no family or home. He is helping to change the destiny of a few women in the village of Djamboutou, near Garoua.

Bucket, water, plastic bags. Bucket, water, plastic bags. The repetition of small actions can lead to big changes. CamToMe Onlus has trained Supporté to repeat these simple but essential actions. He fills up the bucket and uses this water to fill up small plastic bags to make ice. 


Every morning Gérard delivers ice

to the women in the market.

Due to the hot weather in Africa, ice is necessary to maintain health and hygiene standards for food sold on the streets. The main aim is to enable women to create a profitable and sustainable business, as well as give both a role and dignity to people like Supporté. CamToMe Onlus makes this possible with the help of Gérard, a local operator who can speak the local language.


The food is kept fresh and can now be sold.

It's a chain of help. The little ice bags made by Supporté help the women and their families to be independent.

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