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What I can do for you


Photo-documentary for Charities
& NGOs

Great photographs can greatly help NGOs and charities to successfully communicate the challenging and amazing projects they work on. A single image can convey a powerful message at many different levels both emotionally and intellectually. My photographs have been effectively used in print and online communications, both internally and externally, for video-making and fundraising campaigns. With photo-documentaries I identify personal stories and then create a photographic narrative around them.
An important basis of my work is having 
respect for the people I photographs. I never exploit tough situations in order to strike an emotional cord, and I always try to highlight the dignity that you can always find in people, even in the most unfortunate situations. 
I'm available to 
travel to every part of the world, and I work for NGOs and charities in the fields of social change, youth and community development, education and skills development, women empowerment and environmental conservation. 
I also work for local charities, mainly in London. 

Photography Workshops for Beginners 

I regularly give tuition to beginners interested in similar subject areas to my own specialties: people & places. Classes can be organised for 1 person or for small groups, preferably a maximum of 3/4 people. The aim is for you to get to grips with camera settings and to disregard almost all the auto buttons, so as to start developing an easy and painless way of shooting. This includes theory and in-the-field practice. My workshops are engaging, relaxed and jargon free.

1-to-1 tuition is focused on your skill level and you will learn at your own pace. o give you an idea of time, 8 hours of tuition is enough to give you the basics that you will need in order to feel more confident and start loving your camera. 

Cost: 80£ per hour  
Location: London

Art exhibition

Curation of Photography exhibitions for Charities & NGOs

Puttin on photo exhibitions about your charity projects can be a great way to raise awareness and help with fundraising.

I can help in every stage of the exhibition: from the concept to the planning, from the printing to the setting up, from copywriting the captions and the catalogue to graphic design. Some of the projects I've worked on involved the creation of high-end handwritten captions, hand-painted watercolour 'thank you' cards for donors, vinyl design lettering for walls and windows, as well as creative packaging for the photographs on sale. As a graphic designer, I'm aware of all the issues that are related to the cost and technicalities of printing material, which are vital as they can help to make something beautiful and within budget. I usually organise exhibitions of my own photographs, but I'm happy to consider curating exhibitions for other photographers as well.

Learning to see.  A workshop for all levels

Photography is about both vision and aesthetics. Before we even pick up the camera, we must learn to look at the world in front of us to see what captures our attention and how we can capture what we see, so as to make it stand out. Before taking a shot, we must first learn to see the light and the shadows, which means learning the importance of chiaroscuro from the Old Masters of painting. We must also get to see shapes and harmony, colours and forms. This workshop is for both beginners and those who already know how to use a camera but want to improve both the aesthetic side and storytelling quality of their photographs. The goal is, in fact, to develop your ability to see the world with an artistic and photographic eye.  
Classes can be organised for
1 person or for small groups, preferably a maximum of 3/4 people.

Cost: 80£ per hour  
Location: London

Female Presenter

Speaking about my experience

I'm more than happy to give talks about my experience as a humanitarian photographer for NGOs, charities, colleges, local communities and cultural centres to help spread awareness about the social challenges I have experienced around the world, as well as the ethical use of photography and various practical aspects of this kind of work.

Photography classes for Charities & NGOs

I enjoy teaching and enabling people to develop their own skills in order to become self-sufficient. During my NGOs and photo-documentary assignments for charities, I've given tuition to on-site local operators that are in charge of social media marketing and visual communication. To take a good picture you don't necessarily need an expensive camera or hours of tutorials. If you are just going to use your pictures online, a few good tips and a smartphone may be enough to help you enhance and communicate your message.

Helping Hands
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