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From the Heart of Africa. Cameroon.

Back in 2013, CamToMe, a small but very active Italian NGO, asked me to travel to North Cameroon to capture various aspect of their work. They were tackling problems in rural communities such as sexual and reproductive health, young families with newborns babies facing HIV, people with mental issues, some very tough homeless situations and the new challenges that women in the savannah face when they have to start becoming economically self-sufficient. Once back in Europe, together with the photo documentaries for these projects, I was also in charge of curating a photo exhibition. The exhibition featured memorable moments that struck me while I was on the move, travelling from place to place helping CamToMe staff to promote their work and fundraising.
You can see some of those 'moments' below. If you want to find out more, just
click on each photo and then on the + sign to read the captions. 

Kind Words

"What an exciting view! All of these pictures capture the soul of the people we know.    

The women’s eyes are so full of dignity and determination,
as well as the resistance that they show in everyday life. 

The eyes of the kids are so mature.
They look innocent, but at the same time seem to have lived for many years.  

Also the men, they are so intense… 

Stefania, all this is a precious pearl for us." 

—  Antonella (CamToMe NGO)

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